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My equator crossing.

Crossing the equator on Silversea

I have been kind of excited about this silly tradition for some time. It doesn’t hurt that we have been so many days at sea… But I have been excited nonetheless. First, there was the actual crossing. I have had the good fortune to meet lots of interesting people, but one gentleman in particular has been a font of knowledge and honestly lots of fun to chat with. Further, as an engineer, (Apparently he made quite a career teaching, lecturing etc.. but began as an engineer at Bell labs! Needless to say, I have some geek envy.) He seems to have cruised a great deal and even has been keeping a blog that I cant read much yet as getting online is a challenge.. so if you want to read ahead of me, check out. ( http://cbu-spacific1301.blogspot.com/ ) Mike tells me that this ceremony though silly, has been largely unchanged in its bones for hundreds of years.. Captains will make this happen out of duty, superstition or some force that is universally motivating.. and I was glad to be part of it.

However, it has its down side.. you are covered in glop, required to deal with King Neptune and someone must kiss a fish etc.. in the end I was glad to know there was a shower right on deck to clean off. As I write this I am not sure I have a picture of me to post, I hope to get one later to share my embarrassment.

Here’s how it goes down. First “King Neptune” (a man dressed in toga with trident.) arrives with his court and makes a demand that all who are to cross his sea must get permission. Then they make great fun of bringing out various crew to pretend to be getting punishment for various made up sins.. These sinners against Neptune are mock eviscerated and covered in glop etc… After this the “pollywogs” ( People who have never crossed the equator. ) are asked to step forward and are similarly admonished and punished. ( I think I got shaving cream, eggs and flour all over me. ) As I said, I was smart enough to think to walk straight into the on deck shower to clean up after word… It was good fun. Again, I hope to have something to post soon.

I have something to post! Thanks to my friends, here is one of me mid procedure. :-)

Polywog Bryan crossing the Equator

Polywog Bryan crossing the Equator

Posted by webtoad 13:07

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